What Does Your Colour Choice Say About You?

What Does Your Colour Choice Say About You?


Have you ever looked at a colour and thought about how it makes you feel? I have. Here at Wool Couture we constantly look at colours for our products and plan our photoshoots around how the colours feel. We think this shows off our products in the best way so you can be inspired and craft your next project with us.

The Wool Couture flock all have our favourite colours. We also favour certain colours depending what the item it is we want to knit or crochet. For example your house. What colour is your bathroom? Your kitchen? How about where you relax? What colour you choose, for what you do in a room, can say a lot about your personality and you as a person.

The same for the colour of yarn you choose for your project. Which colour have you already used for your project? Which colour are you thinking for your next project.

Here at wool couture we believe that knitting, crocheting and weaving can benefit our mental health. Picking up your needles at the end of a stressful day can relax us. I love the thought of colours also helping us to relax. As well, in the workplace we want colours that stimulate us either mentally or physically.

Other examples, have you ever noticed that restaurants will use orange to make you hungry, brands will use purple to make you think they are luxury and work offices will use blue to encourage you to concentrate better.

Let’s take a look at what each colour is often associated with:
Physical, strength, warmth, energy, stimulation, masculinity, excitement, aggression

Has the effect of appearing nearer than it is.
Can raise the pulse rate.
Lively and friendly.
Intellectual, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, coolness, reflection, calm, unfriendliness

Colour of the mind
Strong blue stimulates clear thought.
Lighter blue will calm the mind and encourage concentration.
Emotional, optimism, confidence, self esteem, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity, fear, anxiety

Stimulates emotion.
Certain tones of yellow can uplift.
Other tones of yellow can raise anxiety levels.
Balance, harmony, restful, reassurance, peace, boredom

We are reassured on a primitive level by green.
Spiritual, luxury, authenticity, truth, quality, decadence, suppression

Encourages deep thought.
Has association with royalty.
Has association with time, space and the cosmos. This is because it is the last visible wave length before UV.
Physical comfort, food, warmth, security, sensuality, passion, abundance, fun, frustration

Combination of physical and emotional stimulation.
It focuses our mind on food and warmth.
It is a fun colour.
Warm orange and black can focus on deprivation.
Tranquil, nurture, warmth, feminine, love, sexuality, survival, emotional claustrophobia, physical weakness

Pink soothes.
A tint of red.
Too much pink is physically draining.
Psychological neutrality, lack of energy

Pure grey is the only colour that isn’t associated with physical.
Virtual absence of colour which encourages hibernation.
Grey lessens the intensity of other colours.
Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency, coldness

Black makes objects look bigger.
Black is all colours.
Absorbs energy and hides personality.
Essentially absence of light, which is why people are often scared of the dark.
Communicates clarity.
Hygienic, clarity, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, sophistication, efficiency, coldness, unfriendliness

White is total reflection.
Heightened perception of space.
White with warm colours can make them look loud and brash.
Seriousness, warmth, nature, earthiness, reliability, support, lack of humour

Serious like black but softer and warmer.
Association with natural world.
Brown is often supportive.
There are colours which contain more than one colour therefore you can have benefits from both colours.

Here is the choice of colours the Wool Couture flock chose and the words that related most with us.
Check them out and let us know which colours you chose and the words that relate to you the most. We would love your colour stories and pictures of your colourful creations.

Claire: Raspberry – love | Seal – serenity | Teal – harmony
wool couture colour

Harriet: Duck Egg – serenity | Mink – nurture | Seal – reflection

Ali: Teal – balance | Mink – tranquil | Mustard – creativity

David: Red – excitement | Yellow – optimism | Orange – fun

Amy: Baby Pink – love | Grey – psychological neutrality | Seal – calm

Our three cloud craft kit is perfect for showcasing your favourite colours and adding the benefits into your home.

Choose from our 5 colour combinations or buy our individual cheeky chunky yarn in your choice of colour to create your own colour combination.

You can follow along and create your clouds with our new ‘Claire Makes’ video series.

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