Creativity Tingles In My Blood!

Creativity Tingles In My Blood!

Creativity calls me. I can hear its voice inside of my head telling me to come and play, to come and make something new, to create this amazing piece, to come and be still, to focus just on the here and now.
Do you hear those voices too?
Do you long to sit, being quiet, just focusing on the here and now, creating amazing things with your own two hands?
One of the ways that I express my creativity is through my love of knitting, any kind of knitting! Knitting with super chunky yarn, aran yarn, DK yarn. Using big chunky knitting needles through to teeny weeny knitting needles.

It all depends on what I’m feeling inside and what does my soul want to make. Sometimes it can be a knitted scarf or hat. Or I might fancy a knitted summer top or cuddly winter cardigan. Often I can be led by the yarn. I just look at the yarn and I get excited to make a certain knitted piece. The key is that I listen to the creative person that lives inside of me and I let them come alive through my love of knitting. So where do you start if you have the creative knitter calling you?


Ocean Breeze Striped Beginners Blanket Knitting Kit



How To Knit
If you are new to knitting and you want an achievable project, one that pushes you to learn new knitting skills, you might want to learn things like:

- How to cast on

- How to knit stitch

- How to purl stitch

- How to change colours

- How to cast off

- How to weave ends

These are all beginner knitting skills that you would learn on your first knitting project. The tools that are needed to learn how to knit include a pair of knitting needles, yarn, scissors and a wide eye needle. Head over to our YouTube Channel for an easy to follow How To Knit video guide.

Having taught many knitting classes over the years, I highly recommend that when you first start out, choose a chunky yarn and chunky pair of knitting needles. 10mm or 12mm needles are a perfect size when learning how to knit. The reason I suggest these sizes is because knitting with a chunky yarn makes it easier for you to see the stitches, which is really helpful when you first start out. Also working with chunky yarns makes everything quicker, so you will be able to complete your first project and give yourself a big pat on the back in a short amount of time.

When first starting out with any creative endeavour, I highly recommend that you spend some time quietening your critical friend that’s called your ego. You may hear your ego say that you could be learning this faster, that you could be knitting this neater, that your friend has done better than this, that you’re stupid because you don't understand this like everyone else. Try and say goodbye to your ego for a few hours, because you are amazing and you are going to get this. You might need a bit of help and that's just fine. Don’t let your ego put you off.

A lot of people fancy trying a beginners knitting kit, and I am often asked what should I buy if I want to learn to knit? I always think that learning to knit a rectangle is a good place to start, so I recommend things like Blanket Knitting Kit, a Scarf Knitting Kit or a Headband Knitting Kit.

If you fancy trying a festive knit, the Paper Chain Knitting Kit is ever so popular and looks very cute once finished.

Beginners Merino Poncho Knitting Kit in Grey

If you want to knit something that you can wear afterwards, then my favourite is our Poncho Knitting Kit . It is a versatile piece that can be worn throughout the seasons. Have I inspired the creativity inside of you to give this great knitting craft a go? 

Thats all for now lovely people! Claire x 

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