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Go Back In Time And Give Yourself A Break

Go Back In Time And Give Yourself A Break

Go Back in Time and Give Yourself a Break!

Does your mind, or your ego, just never shut up? Are you always thinking about the next day, the next meal, the next holiday or solving the next problem? Join the club; it's called rumination and it can be quite a negative thing staying on that merry-go-round for too long.

I often need to get off this merry-go-round. For me, what has helped for the last 25 years is to jump head-first into some kind of crafting project. Whatever the craft, and I really do love them all, be it knitting, crochet, weaving, macrame, the list goes on and on.

I have to admit I have just told a little lie here! Needle felting brings out the worst in me. There’s something about stabbing this small mound of wool over and over again that brings out this anger in me. I have tried numerous times to love this craft. The last time was trying to make a sheep; it turned into a flying sheep that went whizzing across the room. I decided this craft was loved by many, but not by me. 

Of the crafts I truly love, people often ask me, why does craft help you? Crafting grounds me and when I get into my special place, I feel connected to all of the people that also love and have loved this craft.

Most of the crafts that we love today have been around for a long, long time and connect us to our ancestors. Knitting, for example, has been in Europe since the 14th century.
In England, the Cappers Act of Parliament in 1571 stated that everyone above the age of six years, except for
"Maids, Ladies, Gentlewomen, Noble Personages, and every Lord, Knight and Gentleman of 20 Marks Land", should, on Sundays and holidays, wear (except when travelling), "a Cap of Wool* knitted within this Realm: From The V&A Museum, The History of Hand Knitting.

When I am knitting I feel connected to all the knitters of days gone by and I imagine the people that have loved and benefitted from this craft over the thousands of years that it has been around.

I create a special space when I craft, and I give myself.

  • Time to craft. We all need time to ourselves and we all deserve a 'break'
    All of the colours in the rainbow to knit with. I find inspiration in colours. I'm currently in love with our Utterly Aran Yarn colour palette.
  • Something to listen to. I love a good podcast. Recently I have been listening to ‘The Psychic Teachers’. 
  • Essential oils to burn. My two favourite oils are patchouli, which keeps me down to earth, and lavender which I find calming and healing.

If I’m crafting in a morning, I have a plentiful supply of coffee. Afternoon time it’s tea and evening, well it has to be a G&T, but only the one, otherwise I can guarantee I will end up with a few dropped stitches.

So when are you planning your next break? I would love to hear about your special place.

Sending you hugs and smiles all around the world. 

Claire X

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Creativity Tingles In My Blood!

Creativity Tingles In My Blood!

Creativity calls me. I can hear its voice inside of my head telling me to come and play, to come and make something new, to create this amazing piece, to come and be still, to focus just on the here and now.
Do you hear those voices too?
Do you long to sit, being quiet, just focusing on the here and now, creating amazing things with your own two hands?
One of the ways that I express my creativity is through my love of knitting, any kind of knitting! Knitting with super chunky yarn, aran yarn, DK yarn. Using big chunky knitting needles through to teeny weeny knitting needles.

It all depends on what I’m feeling inside and what does my soul want to make. Sometimes it can be a knitted scarf or hat. Or I might fancy a knitted summer top or cuddly winter cardigan. Often I can be led by the yarn. I just look at the yarn and I get excited to make a certain knitted piece. The key is that I listen to the creative person that lives inside of me and I let them come alive through my love of knitting. So where do you start if you have the creative knitter calling you?


Ocean Breeze Striped Beginners Blanket Knitting Kit



How To Knit
If you are new to knitting and you want an achievable project, one that pushes you to learn new knitting skills, you might want to learn things like:

- How to cast on

- How to knit stitch

- How to purl stitch

- How to change colours

- How to cast off

- How to weave ends

These are all beginner knitting skills that you would learn on your first knitting project. The tools that are needed to learn how to knit include a pair of knitting needles, yarn, scissors and a wide eye needle. Head over to our YouTube Channel for an easy to follow How To Knit video guide.

Having taught many knitting classes over the years, I highly recommend that when you first start out, choose a chunky yarn and chunky pair of knitting needles. 10mm or 12mm needles are a perfect size when learning how to knit. The reason I suggest these sizes is because knitting with a chunky yarn makes it easier for you to see the stitches, which is really helpful when you first start out. Also working with chunky yarns makes everything quicker, so you will be able to complete your first project and give yourself a big pat on the back in a short amount of time.

When first starting out with any creative endeavour, I highly recommend that you spend some time quietening your critical friend that’s called your ego. You may hear your ego say that you could be learning this faster, that you could be knitting this neater, that your friend has done better than this, that you’re stupid because you don't understand this like everyone else. Try and say goodbye to your ego for a few hours, because you are amazing and you are going to get this. You might need a bit of help and that's just fine. Don’t let your ego put you off.

A lot of people fancy trying a beginners knitting kit, and I am often asked what should I buy if I want to learn to knit? I always think that learning to knit a rectangle is a good place to start, so I recommend things like Blanket Knitting Kit, a Scarf Knitting Kit or a Headband Knitting Kit.

If you fancy trying a festive knit, the Paper Chain Knitting Kit is ever so popular and looks very cute once finished.

Beginners Merino Poncho Knitting Kit in Grey

If you want to knit something that you can wear afterwards, then my favourite is our Poncho Knitting Kit . It is a versatile piece that can be worn throughout the seasons. Have I inspired the creativity inside of you to give this great knitting craft a go? 

Thats all for now lovely people! Claire x 

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King Charles III Coronation Craft Kits Collection

King Charles III Coronation Craft Kits Collection

When Is King Charles III Coronation?

King Charles's Coronation is set to take place on Saturday 6th May 2023 at Westminster Abbey. Which means you have a few weeks remaining to complete our gorgeous commemorative Coronation craft kits. We have kits that range of crafting techniques; from simple Union Jack Felt Bunting Kits, easy to follow Coronation Crown Crochet Kits, to intermediate level Union Jack Blanket Kits.

Coronation Street Party Kits

How To Make DIY Street Party Decorations?

We have created a selection of DIY Coronation Street Party Kits, so you can celebrate your love of crafts with your neighbours. We have two Union Jack Bunting Kits, one is Beginner Level Felt Kit and the other a Beginner Level Pom Pom Kit, both are perfect for creating with kids. 
Want to go one royal step further than stringing Union Jack Bunting across your fence? Then check out our Coronation Crown Crochet Kit, it is sure to make you the talk of the town! This kit includes the sizing to make it as a adults crown and a kids crown too!

Union Jack Blanket + Union Jack Cushion

What Does The Union Jack Stand For?

The Union Jack or the Union Flag is the national flag of our beloved United Kingdom. It stands for the combination of the three heraldic crosses of the three counties united under one Sovereign. Which makes it a perfect make for the upcoming Coronation Day!
We have created three Union Jack Knitting Kits in various skill levels. We have the Intermediate Level Union Jack Blanket Knitting KitThis pattern has been designed for knitters who have mastered the basics of the craft and are looking for a new patriotic challenge.
Plus we have our Easy Level Union Jack Cushion Knitting Kit. This pattern uses simple duplicate stitch to add some British patriotic flare to the simple knitted cushion.

Coronation Knitting Kits + Coronation Embroidery


We hope our Coronation Craft Kits Collection brings as much joy to your home as it has to ours designing them. These pieces will make great heirlooms and pieces of history to pass on to future generations. 

You can shop the full range of King Charles III Coronation Kits here

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Win A Easter Bunny Crochet Kit | April Competition

Win A Easter Bunny Crochet Kit | April Competition
To celebrate Easter we are giving away one of adorable Easter Craft Kits.
If you are feeling crafty check out our Crochet & Knitting Easter Kits here

To enter head over to our Wool Couture Instagram page

All you have to do to enter is
1. Follow @woolcouture
2. Tag a friend in the comments
3. Like this post
(For a bonus entry share on your stories)
Good Luck!

Win Easter Bunny Crochet Kit

*This giveaway is not sponsored or associated with Facebook or Instagram. Competition closes Midnight 10.04.23. The winner will be selected at random, they must be following Wool Couture on Instagram for a valid entry. The winner will be announced on our Instagram stories 11.04.23. Continue reading

Beginner Basics Collection | How To Kits

Beginner Basics Collection | How To Kits

Nervous about picking up knitting needles for the first time? Don't be with our Beginner Basics Collection, all of these kits use basic stitches and come with simple to read patterns, and 'How To Knit' guides.

The Simple Garter Stitch 
Most people dip their toes into the world of knitting with the simple garter stitch, as it is so easy to learn, and the majority of knitting patterns use it. 
We love a matching knitted set here at Wool Couture, and our Beginners Garter Scarf & Headband Knitting Kit is no exception, especially in our Beautifully Basic Rose Quartz Yarn 

Garter Stitch Scarf & Headband Knitting Kit


Knit Stitch Blanket
If you are looking to add a touch of handmade to your home then check out our Beginners Striped Blanket Kit. 

The stitches used in this blanket are cast on, knit stitch and cast off. Simple right? Don't worry our 'How To Knit' manual will help you get to grips with the basics. 
This blanket knitting kit is 
perfect for first time knitters, and will hopefully inspire you to try more complex patterns. 

Knitted Blanket Beginners Kit

Basic Beginners Crochet 
Is today the day you take the leap and learn a new skill? Get 'hooked' on crochet and keep the cold at bay with this super soft and cozy scarf and headband duo!

Don't fret, we have plenty of Youtube videos to help you out on our crochet journey too. Just check out our beginners crochet guides.

Beginners Crochet Scarf. Beginners Crochet Headband

Feeling inspired? Why not view our full Beginners Basic Collection here

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Skill Level

Skill Level
We give all our knitting and crochet kits a skill level of difficulty so you can be sure to find the perfect project for you! Find your skill level with our handy chart. Continue reading
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