Modern Artisan

In today’s instant, throwaway culture (which is often disconnected from tangible, real experiences) the ‘art’ in Artisan is having a much yearned for revival – in the shape of The Modern Artisan.

Here at Wool Couture, we can certainly vouch for this. With our rapid growth in a few short years, we are amazed and thrilled to see artisanal crafts such as ours becoming a lasting trend as an antidote to the fast-paced immediacy of our world. People are craving a return to an easier pace of things.

Hand-made, hand-woven, hand-crafted; there’s a new rise of all things authentic, natural and personal. Crafting by hand opens up a myriad of possibilities and the ability to add in new items and ranges in an instant, putting our own distinctly handcrafted and artisanal spin on the production of ‘things’.

Luxurious, sumptuous quality wins the day in beautiful, crafted pieces of knitting, crochet, weaving, macramé and embroidery that we create in our design studio and makery, and in our woodturning workshop – keeping traditional crafts alive with a modern twist.