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Accessories Crochet Kit - Pastel Dreams Scarf - Wool Couture

Accessories Crochet Kit

Granny Annie Squares Crochet Kit - Wool Couture

Accessories Crochet Kits

Absolute Beginners Scarf Knitting Kit - Wool Couture

Accessories Knitting Kits

Our accessories knitting kits, provide you with everything you need to craft your own hat, scarf, socks and even hot water bottle cover.  

Individual Felt Sheets - Wool Couture


Geometric Blanket Knitting Kit - Wool Couture

All Wool Couture

Alpaca Knitting Kit - Hat, Scarf + Fingerless Gloves Granite Grey - Wool Couture

Alpaca Collection

Amazing Alpaca Yarn 50g Ball - Wool Couture

Amazing Alpaca

Amigurumi | Wool Couture


Bonnie the Cow & Friends plus FREE Hugo the Chick Pattern - Wool Couture

Amigurumi Kit

Robyn Octopus Knitting Kit - Wool Couture

Animals Kits

With our easy-to-read patterns, you will be able to knit up your own furry friend in no time. Discover our wide range of animal knitting kits.
Layla Scarf Crochet Kit - Wool Couture

Autumn Collection

Beau Baby DK Yarn - Wool Couture

Baby Crafts Collections

Star Cushion Crochet Kit - Wool Couture

Baby Crochet Kits

Poppy the Penguin Crochet Kit - Wool Couture

Baby Kits

Baby Pinafore Knitting Kit - Wool Couture

Baby Knitting Kits

Knit up adorable gifts for those little bundles of love in your life. Using our gentle yarns, these kits make up beautiful baby blankets, baby cardigans, and baby booties.

Beau Baby DK Yarn - Wool Couture

Beau Baby

Our Beau Baby DK yarn is perfect for beginner crafters, and has been dyed, spun and finished in our Yorkshire mill.

Beautifully Basic Chunky Yarn 100g Ball - Wool Couture

Beautifully Basic

Our Beautifully Basic yarn has been crafted from a premium blend of acrylic and virgin wool, which makes it very durable and safe to pop in the washing machine.
Bee Embroidery Kit - 7" Bee Happy - Wool Couture

Bee Collection Craft Kits

Our Bee Knitting & Embroidery Kits Have Created Quite A Buzz.