Go Back In Time And Give Yourself A Break

Go Back In Time And Give Yourself A Break

Go Back in Time and Give Yourself a Break!

Does your mind, or your ego, just never shut up? Are you always thinking about the next day, the next meal, the next holiday or solving the next problem? Join the club; it's called rumination and it can be quite a negative thing staying on that merry-go-round for too long.

I often need to get off this merry-go-round. For me, what has helped for the last 25 years is to jump head-first into some kind of crafting project. Whatever the craft, and I really do love them all, be it knitting, crochet, weaving, macrame, the list goes on and on.

I have to admit I have just told a little lie here! Needle felting brings out the worst in me. There’s something about stabbing this small mound of wool over and over again that brings out this anger in me. I have tried numerous times to love this craft. The last time was trying to make a sheep; it turned into a flying sheep that went whizzing across the room. I decided this craft was loved by many, but not by me. 

Of the crafts I truly love, people often ask me, why does craft help you? Crafting grounds me and when I get into my special place, I feel connected to all of the people that also love and have loved this craft.

Most of the crafts that we love today have been around for a long, long time and connect us to our ancestors. Knitting, for example, has been in Europe since the 14th century.
In England, the Cappers Act of Parliament in 1571 stated that everyone above the age of six years, except for
"Maids, Ladies, Gentlewomen, Noble Personages, and every Lord, Knight and Gentleman of 20 Marks Land", should, on Sundays and holidays, wear (except when travelling), "a Cap of Wool* knitted within this Realm: From The V&A Museum, The History of Hand Knitting.

When I am knitting I feel connected to all the knitters of days gone by and I imagine the people that have loved and benefitted from this craft over the thousands of years that it has been around.

I create a special space when I craft, and I give myself.

  • Time to craft. We all need time to ourselves and we all deserve a 'break'
    All of the colours in the rainbow to knit with. I find inspiration in colours. I'm currently in love with our Utterly Aran Yarn colour palette.
  • Something to listen to. I love a good podcast. Recently I have been listening to ‘The Psychic Teachers’. 
  • Essential oils to burn. My two favourite oils are patchouli, which keeps me down to earth, and lavender which I find calming and healing.

If I’m crafting in a morning, I have a plentiful supply of coffee. Afternoon time it’s tea and evening, well it has to be a G&T, but only the one, otherwise I can guarantee I will end up with a few dropped stitches.

So when are you planning your next break? I would love to hear about your special place.

Sending you hugs and smiles all around the world. 

Claire X

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  • Nov 08, 2023

    I relax by buying nice things wool & cashmere

    — Merry

  • Oct 06, 2023

    Thank you for this informative post.

    — Jay Wills

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