Nothing Warped About Weaving!

Nothing Warped About Weaving!

We’ve been having such fun exploring all the amazing possibilities with our new industrial laser cutting equipment. If you follow us on our social media pages (and if you don’t yet, why not join us and start following us now?) you’ll see that we’ve been posting quite a few of our new items that we’ve been testing and making ready for putting into our online stores.

Here are some interesting facts about weaving:

What is a loom? A loom is the structure that you use to give your weave support and tension as you work. Once your weave is complete, you will cut it off the loom and your weave will have its own structure. Looms can vary largely in shape and size. From the extremely large floor model looms down to small handheld looms. The looms that I work with are frame looms, which means their structure is a very simple frame shaped like a square or rectangle. There are also circular looms that allow the user to weave in a circle.

Warp thread: This is the thread that is strung over the loom vertically, and holds the tension while you weave.
Weft thread: This is the thread that you weave between the warp threads, creating your patterns and structure in the weave.

Watch this space on our website, our blog, our online stores of etsy and notonthehighstreet as well for more weaving products, instructions, and updates – we’re just having far too much fun in our studio creating all sorts of new looms and tools and weaving kit ideas!

You can also enjoy our demonstrations on our youtube channel, they include how to use a circular weaving loom - view here

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