The Difference Between UK and US Crochet Terms

The Difference Between UK and US Crochet Terms

At Wool Couture, we realise that the differences between US and UK crochet terms can be very confusing.

It’s very easy to mistake one for the other and realise that halfway through a pattern, you’ve been using the wrong conversions, resulting in your make being misshapen or way too big.

Many of us scour endlessly through each pattern, trying our best to find hidden clues in some sort of cryptic crafter’s word search puzzle.

While looking for different spellings of words like ‘colour’ and ‘color’ can be helpful, there are also many other magical ways that you can find out which terms your crochet pattern is in.

To make your crochet life that little bit easier, or at least save you some precious crafting time, we have put together some tips and tricks as well as a chart of US and UK crochet terms.

Crochet Term & Key Conversions

Tip! UK patterns tend to use metric crochet hook sizes, whereas US patterns usually use lettered hook sizes. Example: 4mm = G

Tip! Look out for the term ‘sc’ as it only appears in US patterns.

Bonus Tip! US patterns use gauge instead of UK tension.

Wool Couture Crochet Term Guide

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