Behind The Scenes At The Wool Couture Photoshoots!

Behind The Scenes At The Wool Couture Photoshoots!

Working at Wool Couture, is a mixture of fun, creativity and dedication!

We always have a blast working at the studio, but we especially have a good time when it’s time to do a photo shoot!

After lots of brainstorming, mood-board creation and discussions we always love our days photo shooting.

On location with our wonderful model for the day and Managing Director, Claire Gelder

Location, Location, Location:

Here at Wool Couture, we are very proud of our Yorkshire roots, so of course we keep this in mind when choosing our locations.

In 2016 we shot at the beautiful Waterton Park in Wakefield.

Now, as much as we love Yorkshire, we all know the weather can be, how shall we put it…temperamental? The day of the photo-shoot arrived and guess what? We had sun! The location was simply stunning and showcased the luxurious nature of our pieces to perfection.

Sometimes we move in doors, using our Makery which also doubles up as a photo studio..,

"Say Cheese, Bertie!'

Our cat pod was modeled by Barry the cat, who was a very calm and collected character. You could tell he enjoyed being in front of the camera and the attention that came with it, which has affectionately earned him the hashtag #showbizbaz.

If you ever want to amuse a toddler for more than a minute, give them a ball of yarn, they had a great time and the shots we got of them were adorable!

Cheeky twins having all the fun with our extreme yarn!

Millie and Claire having a.... ball?!

Another day, another knit!

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