Put simply we just love wool. Our 100% merino wool is pure indulgence, it looks, smells and feels fantastic.

Pure wool knits up so effortlessly and quickly delivering beautiful yet practical designs.

Our industry is our passion, and working with an organic material that offers so much, and takes nothing from the environment, is both unique and wonderful.

Wool Couture is a HUGE supporter of the Campaign For Wool. The campaign aims to educate and share the many, many benefits that wool has in our lives. Formed by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales the Campaign For Wool spans the globe comprising sheep farmers, designers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

Founder Claire Gelder is keen to build a brand that shares in her success and love for wool.

I want my business to support disadvantaged groups in society, I want to employ people from these groups and we plan to employ our first person in the first few months of 2016.

Wool Couture, whilst very successful isn’t just about making money. The company is highly ethical, responsible and supportive of great causes.

Morality and respect for the environment is deep routed in the company.


Proud to support the Campaign for Wool