Wool Couture is the treasured creation of Claire Gelder. She is a passionate designer bursting with ideas and imagination. Claire loves every aspect of craft and is constantly dreaming up wonderful ideas to completely immerse herself in. It is thanks to this enthusiasm and love of what she does that her designs are always unique, lovingly handcrafted and beautifully functional.

Wool Couture isn’t just a company. It’s a special community of people who share a common desire to create something truly wonderful; a unique opportunity for people to experience real passion and creativity together.

Claire is a true advocate of the therapeutic value of crafts and how they support better mental health. As a former Director of the NHS Claire used knitting to destress and relax. At this time Claire had a hectic schedule, so she cleverly moved away from small knitting to giant wool, enabling her to see results quickly. This allowed her to pursue her hobby and create some truly unique pieces.

I loved my career in the NHS but I really wanted to do something different, something creative, something that made me smile!

Today Claire’s life is somewhat different to her career in the NHS. Wool Couture is Claire’s passion where she can indulge her creativity and share her love for knitting. Every aspect of Claire’s business is inspirational, from her beautiful designs, to her ethics and actively promoting the campaign for real wool. Claire’s customers are treated to the very best customer service and knitting experience.

If you have any questions for Claire please do not hesitate to get in touch. Or, if you see Claire out and about walking Lottie then say hi! Happy knitting!